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Aedan [safe] is the world’s first mobile security application powered by artificial and Adaptive intelligence. Aedan detects known and unknown threats and prevents application hijacking.

Application Hijacking

When users install mobile applications to their devices, the application requests specific permissions and access to various sensitive information such as contact lists, local storage, device cameras, network activities and your microphone.

If and when an attacker hijacks one application with access to any of these permissions, the attacker may control the user device. Text messages, screen capture, and payment information can be easily compromised without proper security.

Adaptive Intelligence

Aedan uses several preemptive security Solutions created by Hackers and Scientist to protect your data, defend your privacy and optimize the performance of the user device.

Malicious Monitoring

This engine monitors the behavior of applications which may be compromised by code injections and or port service vulnerabilities which anti virus scanners may ignore. The virus or potential threat becomes suspended, removed, and blocked from future local service activities.

Memory Optimization

When background services and applications which aren't currently used by the user are consuming system resources, Aedan temporarily suspends and clears the unnecessary service activities which populate the Random Access Memory. Thus freeing up more resources for what matters.

Residual Junk

Aedan may clear out miscellaneous junk files which occupy local storage and serve no purpose. The user may initiate an on demand clean up or allow the Artificial Intelligence engine to automate this function periodically when the device appears to be underperforming.

Aedan Firewall

An Advanced rule system implementing a Virtual Private Network protocol of the local device to manage port traffic internally without effecting external network configurations. The firewall policies are preconfigured to prevent network intrusion. Suspicious network activities are managed by the artificial intelligence engine which implements a sophisticated form of pattern detection to identify potential risks in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence


Definition of Artificial intelligence: Allen Turing proposed that a computer can be said to possess artificial intelligence if it can mimic human responses under specific conditions.

Aedan's Artificial Intelligence engine automates what a professional user would do to keep its device secure and performance in optimum efficiency.

Browser Data protection

Cleans Residual cache and temporary internet files without damaging your session.

RAM & Local Service

Optimization of RAM Local service activities by defining actual service use and idle usage. The system decides the appropriate configuration of the launched application. Idle applications are temporarily suspended until indicated by the user.

Data Removal

Destroy unwanted data making viruses and deleted contents unrecoverable.

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